Adriana leads Western Union's Legal Team for Middle East & SINA (Singapore, Indonesia, North Asia) specialising in legal support for Projects (including new products, pilot initiatives and territory/network expansion). Skilled in International Payments, Derivatives, Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, Capital Markets, Banking and Securitisation, Adriana has a background in Marketing and is an advocate for international development/environmental issues. As a mum-to-4, she is adept at time management and juggling (as well as trapeze, lyra and other circus arts in times gone by). Adriana has spoken in various events in the last few years and is an active member of Women@WU, playing a key role in many of Western Union’ D&I projects and initiatives. She holds a Master of Laws from Sydney University and graduated with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce from Sydney University 




Adriana Koe
Vice President & Senior Counsel - Projects, Middle East & SINA
Western Union