Women in FinTech Powerlist

16 Jan 2022 (All Day)

Women In FinTech Initiative

Nominations Close: January 16, 2022

Promoting diversity and inclusion are priorities for Innovate Finance. That’s why we are aiming to make a difference through our Women in FinTech initiative, which includes regular events, Webinars and Workshops.

Innovate Finance talks and listens to the women in our industry every day – ranging from founders, investors, investment bankers, start-up entrepreneurs and technology experts. We all feel the same: the more we talk about the issues that affect women in FinTech and raise awareness, the easier it becomes to instigate real change.

This is why Innovate Finance created its Women in FinTech initiative in partnership with its members and other stakeholders.

Our aim? To provide a programme of regular events that will include a mix of learning opportunities and community building beyond our successful Powerlist that already celebrates the achievements and talent of women across the FinTech ecosystem. We are passionate about making a real and tangible difference, moving the dial to channel more investment into female-led firms, to encourage more women to become investors or entrepreneurs, and to educate both men and women to make sure this actually happens!


16 Jan 2022 (All Day)

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